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What is river cruising?

Simply put, river cruising is a vacation that is aboard a ship that holds up to approximately 140 travelers. These ships traverse the original highways of a destination, meaning that there is typically much history associated to such a voyage. Unlike a main stream cruise (i.e. Princess, Royal Caribbean, etc.), the traveler experiences a lot more in each port of call because they pretty much “land” directly at their destination. River cruises are most popularly known in Europe along the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Seine and Douro. Other destinations include Russia, Asia, Egypt and let’s not forget the good old USA!

Commonly familiar to European travelers, there are suppliers that cater to the Western world, English-speaking travelers. One such supplier, Avalon provides many different river cruise experiences, the likes of which I had the pleasure of sailing myself.



For those wanting to stay closer to home, check out the Great American Steamboat Company . There are a multitude of different itineraries and length of river cruises available.

 Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is also a wonderful option.

The average age of the river cruise goer (abroad) is approximately 50+; however, because of its increasing popularity, there are more multi-generational travelers aboard its vessels. The average age of the American river cruiser is 65+.


Are you the discerning traveler….who doesn’t want to live out of a suitcase? …who enjoys classic elegance? ….who likes the idea of an all-inclusive cruise experience? …who enjoys gourmet dining? …who enjoys great service? …who wants VIP access to museums? Then you should consider river cruising.


Contrino Travel would be happy to provide information as respects itineraries and pricing. Heck, we enjoyed it so much that we’re planning our next river cruise already too!¬† Check out our blog on our most recent River Cruise!


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