13th Nov2014

Customer Review: Valarie is so great at what she does

arubaMy husband & I went to Aruba in October for our honeymoon & we absolutely loved it; it was amazing & we would love to go back one day! The Radisson was very nice.

We used our $100 resort credit. The island was beautiful; we felt very comfortable & safe there. The food was great (expensive, but worth it). We loved the breakfast & lunch package; it was well worth it & a wonderful suggestion! We ate at lovely restaurants & went into town using the cabs outside of our hotel. My only complaint were the Mosquitos; of course, no one could control that. The workers let us use their Off spray. The natives said it’s usually not like that, but that there had been a lot of rain from the storms close by & thus, the Mosquitos were in full force.

The De Palm buses to & from the airport were great! They were right on time, they took our luggage from us & they were so nice. It was a
good way for us to get a tour of the island from the airport going to the hotels & the buses were not overcrowded.

We were extremely pleased with how diligent & thorough Valarie Contrino was; she was always there for us, which we appreciated so
much! Valarie is so great at what she does & we would recommend working with her to anyone & everyone!

Again, we had an incredible time & we are so happy we chose to go to Aruba!


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