22nd Jul2012

Customer Review: A Memorable Experience

“This was the first time I visited Occidental Grand Aruba. The hotel has clean, neat lines, gracious attendants, and the range of restaurants within the hotel have delicious food.

The trade winds are heavenly. The beach on the west side has calm, clear water. Catching the sunset from the beach chair was a nightly experience that was both soothing and inspirational. The north shore line is picturesque with rugged paths to hike, ATV or traverse by jeep. In addition, one is able to use the bus service and for $2.50, one can get a round trip tour of the island.

My room faced the parking lot, but please note I do not spend a great deal of time in the hotel room as the look and feel of the sand and water on the beach are key. The safety; clean, dry air; constant trade winds, minimal (and I mean minimal) rain, and unique views made staying at the Occidental Grand in Aruba a memorable experience, one that I will definitely revisit again. ” –Sharon H.


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